Aquamarine Engagement rings encompass in them the sense of love, commitment and fidelity, they are given at a special moment in the lives of two people, promising an eternal love and honor between the two.


So you are now faced with the first decision of your new life, it is clear that making a proposal is far more important than anything material, your marriage proposal is going to be remembered for a long time, and will be told over and over again to all of the closest and dearest people in your life. A marriage proposal is something to consider and reflect about.

While most people know that the intention of inviting someone to share your life with forever is the most precious thing a man can offer, many disregard the importance of symbolism in the act itself and the gift that comes with it. An aquamarine engagement ring is a sign that a promise has been made and that a time of significant change will arrive in the life of the person wearing it. Do not forget that most women keep their aquamarine engagement ring on their hands long after the marriage, sometimes on the same finger as the wedding ring.

Here are 15 exquisite alluring aquamarine engagement rings:


Princess Cut Aquamarine and Diamond Ring, 14K White Gold – $799.00

from: Apples of Gold


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